Sunday, March 13, 2011

Next Sat. 3/19 at 8 am - Lake Lanier 5 miler

Next Saturday's Run is at Lake Lanier: Sat., 3/19.

For those that want to go a mile longer than the 5, we can do that.

Let's meet at 8 am and enjoy watching Spring come to life around lake. Park at The Tea House.

Several strategies for the hills: walk it all; run it all; walk-run combo.

Run flats, walk hills; Walk flats, and run hills!!!

Or do what many of our members are finding success with and that's the Jeff Galloway run-walk method.

We'll have groups in all categories, I'm sure.

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Hey TRC Members:

We get used to posting everything we do on our Facebook page vs. updating the blog site. Definitely join up with us there and you will receive emails about upcoming runs/events, as well.