Sunday, April 4, 2010

Next Group Run: Sat., April 10th at Lake Lanier

Awesome group from our last run!

Our goal this Spring is to find 4-5 mile local routes that highlight the beauty of this long-awaited season. The last two runs we did starting at Harmon Field and taking Warrior Drive back around in a loop. Our next run will be at Lake Lanier. We will tackle the hilly course as best we can, not looking to PR or go crazy.

We will group according to pace / strategy. Some may want to run the whole thing. Some may want to run the flats/downhills, and walk the hills, and some may want to do the opposite -- power up the hills, walk the flats for recovery. It's 4.8 miles point-to-point unless you do the Ache Around the Lake route which starts on Butter Street to get an even 5 miles.

While we are a "running club", we welcome and encourage walkers who want to try running or adding running to their workouts. Please join us - the lake is a great place to add a little running because it's an interval course that often forces avid runners to take a little walk break every now and then.

Let's park at the beautiful Tea House restaurant and meet at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, April 10th. Bring water!

Find us on Facebook: Tryon Running Club.


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