Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ready to go!!!

Yesterday's running clinic with Katie Malone of Malone Coaching was a huge success. Runners of all abilities came out to learn how to improve running form and get faster... everyone's ultimate goal! Katie shared with us some of the techniques of Chi Running, which is a method of running that is supposed to improve running efficiency, reduce injuries and ultimately increase speed. It is definitely a different feel that most of us were used to. Andy Millard, one of our club regulars, has been training with this method for several weeks and said it takes awhile to get used to the new form. I think this instuction gave us all something to think about and work towards. I know I would like to run with less pain and injury!

Katie deomonstrating form.

Here is the group practicing our form.

Many of us left the clinic with a lot of motivation to get out there and run more! This clinic was timed appropriately to help us get ready for many early fall races coming up. First up is our very own - Ache Around the Lake. What better way to get fit and enjoy running than in our own backyard!

In October there are also a couple of half marathons coming up. If you are looking for an additional challenge you can start a half marathon plan - you can train for the Ache and use it as a good, race-pace training run to help you prepared for a half.

The two half's coming up that you still have time to train for are the iRecycle half in Spartanburg on Saturday October 9th 2010. The other one is the Spinx Runfest half on Saturday October 30th 2010.

Whatever race you pick - you need to start training soon! Hal Higdon has a variety of trianing programs for all levels of runners and for all distances. His 8K training plan is 8 weeks long - if you are going to train for the Ache that means you need to officially kick off your training on Monday August 8th.

We are currently holding two regular group runs; Tuesday mornings at the track at Harmon Field and Saturday morning at various locations. These two group opportunities are a great way to enjoy the training with others and help keep you motivated and on track. I hope to see you there!

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