Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tuesday, 6/22 - Track workout

Are you as fit as a World Cup soccer referee? In honor of the World Cup we will be having a theme track workout on Tuesday 6/22. Meet at Harmon Field at 6:00AM for a tough workout. We will do a warm-up, the referee workout and a cool down.

The referee workout is as follows, you can do as many as you can, as time permit...s.

6 x 40 meters (refs must complete 40 meters in 6.2 seconds!)
20 x 150 m w/50m walk in between (refs must complete 150m in 30 seconds, and the 50 m walk in 35 seconds! INSANE!)

I might get there early so if anyone wants to warm-up SUPER early let me know!

Read more about it!

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