Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Training Run and Walk for The Ache

Join us this Saturday the 14th at 7:30 am for 5 miles around Lake Lanier. This will be our first official training run / walk for the upcoming Ache Around the Lake on Oct. 2nd.

After Coach Katie Malone taught running basics to walkers (and good reminders for more seasoned runners) at the recent Running Clinic, it's now time to put everything into practice.

We will have 2 groups: a WALKING group and a RUNNING group. Laura and I will go with the walkers and the runners will go on and do their thing. We will go counter-clockwise around the lake from the Tea House. Please park there.

WALKERS: bring a water bottle (or put in sports drink if you're feeling a little dehydrated) and plan to RUN the flats and maybe some downhills and WALK the hills. It will be a great interval workout. Your heartrate will stay high on the walk up those hills and continue to burn calories. As you build each week, you'll find that you'll be running more and walking less. This is how it all begins.

RUNNERS: this is a good time to learn the hills and strategize. Those not familiar with the course may burn out quickly by not anticipating the upcoming hills. As temps slowly cool down and humidity goes away (HA!), we'll all find our time getting a wee bit faster.

Bring a friend, bring a pooch, bring a positive attitude...and let's get this party started!!!


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