Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fall Training - Week 3

We have had some really nice group runs the past few weeks! It is good to see everyone working hard at a goal.

Our next group run will be Saturday 8/25 at 7:30AM on River Road. Meet at/near Morgan Chapel Church and we will start from there. If you are following the Malone Coaching plan for beginners we are at 5 miles this week. We will be doing a 2.5 mile out and back.

Quote of the week:
"Believe that you can run farther or faster. Believe that you're young enough, old enough, strong enough, and so on to accomplish everything you want to do. Don't let worn-out beliefs stop you from moving beyond yourself." John Bingham, running speaker and writer

Don't forget! Take some running pictures of your "rave" runs - either local or on vacation. Post them on Facebook! Here is one of the trails I ran on a couple of years ago in Arizona. It was amazing!

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